Women In Sport and Exercise Conference 2021

Redressing the Balance The University of Worcester is hosting the third annual Women in Sport and Exercise Conference in April 2021 (19th-22nd) online via Zoom. The conference welcomes practitioners, educators, European policy makers, students and any representatives in relation to… Read more

Gen Z Communication Survey

TITLE OF PROJECT – Generation Z: Understanding preferred methods of communication  https://ucw.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/genz-understanding-preferred-methods-of-communica Invitation  The University of Worcester engages in a wide range of research which seeks to provide greater understanding of the world around us, to… Read more

Women in Sport and Exercise Conference 2019

The WISE conference enabled academics and practitioners from a range of disciplines to discuss the issues that are faced by females within sport and exercise at all levels and how the barriers can be minimised and overcome. The conference… Read more


Vanessa Jones from the University of Worcester – project coordinators of the GETZ project, was given the opportunity to present at the recent FISU-EUSA Seminar hosted in Slovenia. The presentation of the projects outline, focus and aims took place during… Read more

Massive Open Online Course

The GETZ MOOC is now LIVE! Click HERE to sign up to the GETZ Toolkit! Click HERE to log in to the GETZ Toolkit! The GETZ Workshop is now LIVE! Click HERE to sign… Read more

Good Governance and Gender Equality in Sport Conference

The Conference was held in Zagreb on 20th November hosted by The Croatian Olympic Committee. The following link provides further detail provided by the COC – https://www.hoo.hr/en/olympism/gender-equality-in-sport/5485-77-participants-at-the-conference-on-good-governance-and-gender-equality The report below was published within the European Olympic Committee’s Monthly… Read more