The WISE conference enabled academics and practitioners from a range of disciplines to discuss the issues that are faced by females within sport and exercise at all levels and how the barriers can be minimised and overcome.

The conference looked specifically at:

  • Pushing boundaries through furthering the understanding of how female specific issues influence performance and health
  • Pushing boundaries in women’s representation in sport
  • Pushing boundaries in physical activity participation to promote inclusion and female empowerment through sport
  • Pushing boundaries in taboo subjects around women’s sport

The WISE Conference took place at St Mary’s University, London on 11th & 12th June, featuring two presentations from the GETZ project.

Vanessa Jones and Beth Burgess gave an overview of the GETZ project, providing an insight into the MOOC and an update on the piloting process.

Gill Renfree disseminated the preliminary findings from the first research project conducted by the project partners, investigating Generation Z’s perceptions of gender equality within sport.

Other attendees showed interest in the GETZ project and were intrigued to find out more about Generation Z’s perceptions and interests within sport. Both presentations were successful and the content aligned perfectly with the conference titled ‘Pushing the Boundaries’.

The University of Worcester are delighted to announce they are hosting the next WISE conference, taking place on 11th & 12th November 2020.